Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Flowers for Jane was born in 2014. Pursuing your true passion is never easy. But after ten years in the fashion industry, and with a young family at home, Cristina thought there was no better time.

Flowers had been an obsession for years. Cristina loved sending flowers to friends and family, but was often left disappointed. They were usually full of foliage and not much else - or even worse, gerberas! They never had the ‘wow’ impact she was looking for.
Cristina looked around her (her home was always full of fresh blooms) and knew she could do better.
When flowers brought her so much happiness, she didn’t see why bouquets should have to be reserved for special occasions only. Why not add a little touch of luxury to your every day? Sometimes Cristina wanted just to cheer up a friend at work or say an extra thank you to her mum. She’s a firm believer that ‘just because’ is reason enough to spoil someone you love (and that includes yourself!)
From a humble beginnings on Cristina’s dining room table, Flowers For Jane has grown into a hardworking team who love every minute. They feel lucky to have the best customers they could possibly have asked for.
A great reminder that with passion and hard work, sometimes your dreams can come true.

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